History of Villa Maria Academy

 In 1901, a private, Catholic secondary school for young women was begun in a small building at the corner of William and Kennedy streets in Cheektowaga. Administered by the Felician Sisters, the mission of the then Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy was to educate and prepare young women interested in entering religious life. 

In 1918, the school received its Regents Charter from the State of New York. It is from this point on that the school marked its official beginning. 

In 1929, students were transferred to a newly completed facility at the present Doat Street location. That same year, the Academy opened its doors to lay students who were attracted by the quality and care of academic preparation received by Vilmarians. The school’s name was changed to Villa Maria Academy in 1967.  

In 1976, Villa Maria Academy dedicated its Athletic and Social Center and in 1988 received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and schools. 

The administration and faculty of Villa Maria Academy helped girls develop fully by offering quality learning experiences, by encouraging personal leadership and commitment to Gospel values. Over six thousand young women graduated from Villa Maria Academy where they were able to recognize their own goodness, worth and potential as individuals. 

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Forced by declining enrollment and economic conditions, the Academy closed its doors in June of 2006.

Principals of Villa Maria Academy

1918-1920 Sister Mary Simplicita Nehring
1920-1926 Sister Mary Pauline Pawlowska
1926-1947 Sister Mary Annette Guzowska
1947-1949 Sister Mary Gualbert Kazmierczak
1949-1950 Sister Mary Bonaventa Kosmowska
1950-1955 Sister Mary Vincent Wasielewska
1955-1961 Sister Mary Josephine Kopec
1961-1966 Sister Mary Liliose Frys
1966-1969 Sister Mary Arnold Brzyski
1969-1979 Sister Mary Samuel Nycz
1979-1996 Sister Mary Angelica Bielski
1996-2002 Sister Mary Kevin Szeluga
2002-2005 Sister Paul Marie Baczkowski
2005-2006 Mrs. Kimberly Suminski